Our Story

CIIT is about developing and promoting the next generation of leaders in the technology sector in Canada. Our goal is to combine technical and social innovation to increase better social outcomes for Indigenous peoples and communities

Promoting Excellence & Diversity IN TECHNOLOGY TRAINING & INNOVATION


CIIT was created in response to the underrepresentation of Indigenous peoples in the technology and innovation sectors in Canada. Our Mission is to provide programming that provides excellence in technology training, increases Indigenous representation in the tech industry in Canada, and promotes problems solving using technology with an Indigenous lens.


To foster a network of collaboration between Private, Public, Academic and Non-Profit Institutions to solve problems pairing technical and social innovation within the Indigenous community.



Collaboration, Respect, Honesty, Integrity

Innovation drives an economy’s
ability to create more economic
value from an hour of work 1



With economic equality, Indigenous peoples have the potential to unlock hundreds of billions of dollars for the Canadian economy. Without economic reconciliation, our unequal trade relationship will continue.
We face a unique opportunity to remake the once-vibrant relationship between Indigenous Peoples and businesses in the rest of Canada.

— Jean Paul Gladu,

CEO of the Canadian Council
for Aboriginal Business.

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