The Centre will bring the right partners together and ensure the technology sector is meaningfully engaged in reconciliation and creating space for diversity in the workforce.

CIIT seeks to provide a space to work with various partners to gain a better understanding of Indigenous impact on the Canadian Technology and Innovation sector.

CIIT will look to better understand:

  • Indigenous technology and innovation labour trends
  • Indigenous technology and innovation contributions to the economy
  • Provide an Indigenous narrative on the innovation and technology sectors.

Timeline: August 2018 Landscape Report pending funding and partnerships

CIIT seeks to provide an Indigenous Innovation and Technology Network. This network will provide a common physical space and online/digital network and provide programming geared towards pairing social and technical innovation together.

  • Indigenous innovation events highlighting/pitching ideas
  • Indigenous youth innovation and technology training/summer camps
  • A network that brings together various business sectors to discuss Indigenous innovation and how technology can be used to better the Indigenous community

Timeline: April 2019 Launch Event pending funding

CIIT seeks to increase the representation of Indigenous Peoples in the technology and innovation sectors by offering programming that provides excellence in technology training.

  • This 24 month training and fellowship program will provide the learner with a unique on-the-job learning experience.
  • The participant will receive: housing stipend, salary, full stack technology, leadership and project management training, workspace and equipment.
  • Learning Modules include
    • Indigenous Leadership,Culture and Mentorship
    • Governance (Security)
    • Software Testing & Quality Assurance
    • The Basics of Blockchain
    • Simple Software Project Management
    • Entrepreneurship Skills

Timeline: January 2019 Initial Training and Fellowship Cohort pending funding.


There is an economic and social imperative to raise workforce* participation amongst Indigenous peoples, lower-income workers, women with young children, Canadians over the age of 55, and persons with disabilities.

*That task will become all the more important as technology replaces many of the jobs people in these groups currently perform.



New ideas generate the experimentation needed to make the most of the fourth industrial revolution…Our natural resources are important, and they always will be. But Canadians know that what it takes to grow and prosper isn’t just what’s under our feet, it’s what’s between our ears.

Prime Minister of Canada

— Justin Trudeau,

World Economic Forum

With economic equality, Indigenous peoples have the potential to unlock hundreds
of billions of dollars for the Canadian economy.